the people on the street look up
to look at the sound from above

the sound is not from above

the sound is a heartbeat
that they never heard before

because they never took the time
they were blind

they never took notice
to see the person next to them

© William J. Ham, 28 June, 2010


About teleng10

I am what I write. What I write is me. If you truly understand my scribbles, you are only scratching the surface of who I am......
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2 Responses to heartbeat

  1. Lucinda says:

    I think your writings are beautiful, have you published anything. Your very insightful and inspiration. The book “5 People that I meet in Heaven”, I liked it, I owned it but I let someone else borrow it and never received it back.
    Hope all is well with you. Keep writing.

    • teleng10 says:

      It is so nice hearing from you!

      I am glad you like my writings. I have written things off and on for years and never really did anything with them Everything here is new. I may post some of my old writings later – but I would rather post new stuff.

      I am not published yet. I have thought about it and will definitely pursue it once I have enough material to make it a go. I am happy you think that they might be worth publishing.

      Please keep in contact and be happy.


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