People in my Life

I have known many people in my life.

Some are still around.

Some have gone and I miss.

Some I wished (selfishly) they would leave

but was happy when they returned.

Others have returned without me knowing they were gone.

But just still as happy they are here.

Each individual, that has been, is, and will be, in my life,

I treasure so much because they are all positive influences in my life.

Through them I learn and love.

Some go through their lives shut in,

hiding their faces to the world.

Because they are afraid,

They never see the smile of a friend,

the soft call of their name,

the laughter and joy surrounding them, that can only happen when friends are around and everybody feels – safe.

Safe that they will not be persecuted for being themselves.

Safe in the thought that if harm befalls them t

hey have others that can and will, without pretense lend a hand,

a thought,

a prayer.

They will never be happy.

Happy in the thought that when things go good, all will be happy for them. Never knowing that their friend’s happiness for them, is even better than that thing that went so well.

I have known many good people in my life – and I am so blessed.

And most of all I am thankful.

© William J. Ham, 28 June, 2010


About teleng10

I am what I write. What I write is me. If you truly understand my scribbles, you are only scratching the surface of who I am......
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