The Desert

I am alone in The Desert

Sun, searing, unforgiving, in a cloudless sky
Hard packed sand below my feet
The heat rises up through to my soul

From my respite I scan the horizon for something and see a familiar sight….nothing
I have been in this godforsaken place for I do not know how long
I cannot remember how I got here
And where I was before…

A hot wind picks up

The sharp sand pelts my tatters and cuts into my face
It covers the footprints in the sand that precede me
and readies the path before me.

Move on!

I take a few tentative steps forward
My stable foothold transitions back into loose sand.

I had hoped this firmament would have supported me further in my trek
But I am happy to have at least that little bit to help me rest and collect myself

I have been struggling through The Desert the past few

I’ve lost any concept of the passage of time other than

I am here now
I was back there a while ago
And I will be somewhere down there over that next dune

I don’t know where I am going
I think I did
But that thought left me a few dunes in back of me.

This effort is stripping me down, layer by layer.

Until what is left is me?

Move on!

Now all I have is to move forward
Over the next dune and the next
Trudging forward
Sand sapping my strength with every step
The wind pelting my face
The heat searing my skin
Making my trek even more difficult and dulling my resolve
My heart melting in the effort

Until someone finds me in my desert
Or I find them

And we walk out together.

© William J. Ham, 28 August, 2010


About teleng10

I am what I write. What I write is me. If you truly understand my scribbles, you are only scratching the surface of who I am......
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