Turning away


I am sitting and listening
Waiting for my turn

The notes in the wind are mellow
They are soothing while still matter of fact

The wind changes direction
The notes, though different
Mellow still

The wind changes direction again
And the notes do too


Something familiar

I listen to the music
The twists and turns on the theme
Although subtle, I start to recognize it

The theme is hidden, but starts to emerge
As the song continues

I know it

It is the same song I had heard
Someplace else
And had turned away from

A song that was at first soothing
But then turned to poison
That if it touched the skin – it would burn
And cause pain throughout

It is a different instrument
So was not immediately evident
Because it sounded different and the song did not start the same

It started as something else
Easy, then complex
Then chaotic

In the underlying theme
I realize that the song is common

At least common to me

I have heard it many times in the past
I have hoped that the song would be replaced
Not necessarily by a long symphony
Or a short composition

Replaced just by simple notes

That brings light and a smile
Short or long – it doesn’t matter
Not the foreboding and melancholy

I wish to be a writer of music
But, in my life, when I have tried, the notes turn flat

I now realize that I must be tone-deaf
When I try to write

So maybe I stop trying to write all together
My notes don’t work and the music falls flat
I guess I am not supposed to be a song writer

But a listener

In the audience

Destine to watch.

© William J. Ham, 4 September, 2010


About teleng10

I am what I write. What I write is me. If you truly understand my scribbles, you are only scratching the surface of who I am......
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