Life gets in the Way

As you go through your day


You encounter obstacles…

Some of your making…

Other not…

They confound you

They perplex you

They sometimes appear at every turn in life…

Yet you smile

Go on saying…

“Such as life…”

…sometimes you have to make a real choice

Because you cannot move forward….

You go around them…

You go underneath them…

You jump over them…

But, once in a while a really big one is standing in your way

You have to drive though or give up….


You have to get the strength from within…

And not let life get in the way….




© William J. Ham, 19 March, 2017


About teleng10

I am what I write. What I write is me. If you truly understand my scribbles, you are only scratching the surface of who I am......
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