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Dark ramblings. Dark thoughts. Not for the faint of heart. There be dragons in there. If you want to bring your happy day down, this is the place for you. This stuff should be burned – but as art goes, it will stay. I probably can’t read this stuff much or I’d be like Poe (and I do not mean Teletubbies!)

The Decision – a 600 word story

This is a 600 word story I submitted to NPR 3/11/2012 as part of their Three-Minute Fiction series. The premise is they give you the first line and you write the rest. The first line counts as part of the … Continue reading

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  Invisible but there Restrained but wildly emotive Silent but Shouting Alone in a room Door is open People pass by it Not looking Not feeling Not hearing Still in the room the lights turn out They’ve all gone © … Continue reading

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